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    Feida Audio won the recommendation of high quality audio and video engineering products again
    Date:2019-02-28 Count:14718
    Aiwei Audio Network News January 11, China Audio and Video Engineering Industry Annual Conference and Expert Group Meeting was held in Beijing Dahongmen International Convention and Exhibition Center. The conference focused on "innovation, integration and promotion", which summarized the innovative achievements of the global audio and video industry, and helped decision makers in the audio and video industry to accurately grasp the latest trends in the industry. At that time, more than 300 experts from audio and video engineering industry, enterprises with innovative technological achievements and technical personnel from member units attended.
    _Annual Meeting and Expert Group Meeting of China Audio and Video Engineering Industry
    This conference adopts the method of on-site exchange and sharing. Experts discuss the industry analysis, technology and future market trend analysis at home and abroad. Guests listen to suggestions and share them. They interact with the industry elite, bringing about close, unrestricted and barrier-free exchanges, and jointly promoting the development of China's audio and video engineering industry.
    Conference session
    Among them, Feida Audio Representative shared with you the THX-certified cinema sound return system, which is based on the combination of sound object and channel technology, accurately depicts the orientation and positioning of sound object, seamlessly and clearly restores movie sound effect, and perfectly solves the needs of cinemas of various specifications, including large cinema halls, medium cinema halls and small cinema halls. The trajectory of motion makes the audiences satisfied with the sound effect of every movie hall and even every movie, thus enhancing the competitiveness of the cinema.
    After expert review, Feida Audio's "Cinema Digital Audio Processing System", "Audio-visual System", "FLS Passive Line Array Loudspeaker Series" are listed as the recommended products of high quality audio and video engineering.
    Award presentation link
    Through the selection of audio and video quality engineering recommended products, a number of successful innovative development of the industry emerged in recent years, which demonstrates the sound industry's firm confidence, overcome difficulties, move forward, and continue to make new achievements. The emergence of these award-winning products has further consolidated the foundation of Feida Audio in technology and innovation. In the future, Feida will continue to optimize and upgrade to create a world brand with international quality!
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