Welcome to Cosplayers for Cats!

Welcome to Cosplayers for Cats, a group that aims to raise money for our favorite charities through our favorite hobby! The pet project of Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay, here you can find of cosplays, wigs, and tutorials for purchase, with 100% of profits going toward cat-related rescues and organizations. Donate to a great cause, and receive some awesome cosplay tools in return!

Our Rescues and Charities:

ALR Boston
Gifford Cat Shelter
Black Cat Rescue
Kitty Connection
Friends of Animals
Boone County Animal Care


Does all of this money really go to charity?

Yes!! All funds will be divided amongst the above donation groups, minus any shipping costs. The more funds we collect, the more groups we can add!

Why are you doing this? Why cats?

Social media and patreon have become pretty common staples in the cosplay world lately, and many folks have used them to raise money for future cosplay projects. We don't really have a desire to make cosplay a full time job or suppliment our income, but we do have a big interest in giving back to both the cosplay community and to charities.

We also really, really, really like cats. Our cosplay name is based off of our two oldest girls - Hammy has a cow butt and Viola like crunchy food.

I'm a cosplayer and I want to help out even more! What can I do?

We'd love to get more cosplayers involved in this project! You can become a partner by donating part of your own cosplay sales or patreon funds, listing your old cosplays, writing guest tutorials, or just by helping spread the word to your followers! Please email or message us if you're looking to join our group!

Can I see donation receipts from my purchase, or specify which group my donation is sent to? Can I suggest new charities for you to add in the future?

Sure! Just message us!

Tutorials and Customized Cosplay Help

We've set up a Patreon for cosplayers who want a constant stream of tutorials, tips, or even 1-on-1 help! 100% of your Patreon pledge will always be sent to one of Cosplayers for Cats' charities, so in essense donate to cats in need and get some cool cosplay tips in return! We have a few levels for you to choose from:

Tier 1 - $1+ /month

  • Access to Paetron Feed, including our upcoming cosplay plans!

  • Chat access

  • Bonus cute photos of our cat cosplay "assistants"

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Tier 2 - $5 /month

  • All previous rewards

  • Early access to all cosplay tutorials

  • Sneak peaks at each wigworking ebook chapter

  • A free copy of my wigworking ebook upon release

  • Detailed technique and progress photos

  • Behind the scenes con and photoshoot photos

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Tier 3 - $10 /month

  • All previous rewards

  • Access to live Q&A chat once a month

  • uggest a tutorial and vote on which we should write!

  • Access to personal tips and mini tutorials

  • A thank you shoutout in my ebook

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Tier4+ - $15 or more /month

  • All previous rewards

  • One-on-one cosplay help sessions

  • Social media follow so that we can keep an eye on your projects

  • Receive a custom tutorial. Pick a topic and we'll write it!

  • After two months pick one of the following:

    • A guaranteed wig commission slot

    • A free photoshoot at an upcoming convention

    • A custom made cosplay accessory

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Cosplays for Purchase

Second hand cosplays and wigs for sale! All costumes have been crafted by Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplays, and 100% of the sale price (minus shipping) will be donated to one of the above organizations.

Historically Accurate Belle

Beauty and the Beast

The Beast

Over the Garden Wall

Dirk Strider

Homestuck, Dead Dreamers

Jade Harley

Homestuck, Dead Dreamers

Victorian Zombie

Steampunk / Original

Steampunk Corset


Meenah Peixes

Homestuck, God Tier


The Emperor's New Groove

Derse Carapaces


Nepeta and Vriska

Homestuck, Derbystuck

Twilight Sparkle

MLP, Grand Galloping Gala


MLP, Grand Galloping Gala

Spring Druid Wig

Original, Iron Wig Entry

Mondrian Wig

Original, Iron Wig Entry

Cloud Strife Wig

Final Fantasy VII from Iron Wig

Luka Wig

Brand: Uniqso

Copper Red Pigtail Wig

Brand: Arda Wigs

Purple & Pink Pastel Wig

Brand: Uniqso

Electric Blue Wig

Brand: Arda Wigs

Jiroutachi Wig

Brand: Uniqso

About Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay

We are a married duo based in Boston with over 20 years of combined experience of cosplay experience, and at this point we dabble in a huge amount of materials - particularly sewing and extreme wigworking but also armor, electronics, and SFX work. We really enjoy giving that knowledge back to the community so that newer cosplayers don't have to repeat our trial and error mistakes. However we also want to begin to give back in another way, by using our cosplay skills to generate donations to cat-related charities.

We also really, really, really like cats!!

Check out a small slice of our cosplays below to get an idea of the kind of costumes we make and what sort of tutorials and sales you can expect!

Our cosplay portfolio

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